Thursday, June 23, 2022

June 23, 2022

 June 23rd 2022

Happy Thursday! or (Purrsday as I like to call it!) The kitties are finally getting to soak in that beginning of Summer warmth! The AMK team hopes you are too!

Mr. Babka was all love + sunshine today, he greeted me warmly this morning and settled for a window bed! 

Archer + Janeway were kicking it both indoors + outdoors, keeping it nice and cool today! 

Apollo also opted for staying in and napping on top of the condos! He didn't mind stopping for a quick glamour shot though!

Bucky was all over the hotel this morning and gave me lots of love! Bagheera was more interested in inspecting everyone's condos and hanging out with kitto friends!

Charlie slept in this morning and woke up just in time to be greeted by Mr. Rascal! Charlie opted for supervising from inside his condo, however.

Gem was adventurous this morning and made a home on the window ledge, she did stop bird watching momentarily for some generous pets! Chatterbox decided she would much rather sleep in and enjoy the view from her condo!

Chip wanted to "scooper"-vise from up high this morning and was very busy, but also allowed for some drive by pets and pats!

Dexter + Watson took turns napping in their condo, while also taking time to strut the catio + see what was happening outside!

Frida was also too interested in watching everykitty else from up on high, opting to keep cool!

Jack didn't much leave the condo area, but he did crawl into my lap this morning and got some good pets in!

Jack took up a home inside the cat cabins this morning, enjoying the fresh air and a nice cool spot to lay in!

Jules was my helper this morning, she made sure that we were doing it right! She floated from inside to outside quite a bit today, but did not mind paw-sing for a photo op!

Juno gave me a good chuckle this morning, peering down at me from the "cat-inet"!

Moki is feeling more and more comfortable it seems, she was quite friendly this morning and roamed the office!

Mr. Brian Buggs was hamming it up on the catio and really wanted to hold hands this morning!

Rocky Rockstar was also hamming it up indoors! He was really having a great time on top of the condo!

Roxanne was cool as a cucumber, opting for a prime window basket with a great view of the garden!

Tula also opted for a late start this morning and napped the hours away in her bed!

Archie was a social guy this afternoon.  He was hanging 
out with all his new buddies today.

Rascal helped with the blog today, checking every photo and detail to make sure it was purrrrfect! He also gave me lots of loves + headbutts from my lap!

Ernie + Goldie head home today, but we are sad to see them leave! We really enjoyed their purr-escence.

Primrose joined us today + is feeling a little shy this afternoon, but let me greet and pet her! 

We will see you all on Caturday!

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