Thursday, June 9, 2022

June, 9th, 2022

 June, 9th

Happy Thursday! It's a rainy June afternoon and the kitties are hunkering down for the day, lots of naps and indoor playtime!

Beau, relaxing the day away!

Billie just waking up from a nap, bed head!

Buddy getting all the pets!

Cairo keeping an eye on everyone from the stairs!

Damian snoozin' away!

Nagi and Fennec getting ready for their modeling days!

Jinx enjoying the sounds of the rain!

Kashi and Tana demanding pets, and pets were surely given!

Maeve keeping cozy in her condo!

Midge all curled up in loaf mode!

Miniko keeping her cool on top of the condos!

Miso enjoying some head scratches!

Brownie and Miso enjoying some quality sibling nap time!

Sailor reaching for attention and Moses getting ready for some quiet time after breakfast! 

Patrick checking out the birds and the Squirrels

Phoebe cozying up in her basket!

Rosemary and Sage still warming up, but stay cozy in their their condo!

Roxanne showing off her bright eyes!

Salem keeping to herself enjoying her hidey bed!

That's all for today folks,

See you all on Saturday!



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