Tuesday, June 21, 2022

June, 21, 2022

 June, 21

Happy Tuesday everyone, it's finally starting to feel like summer and the kitties are excited to get their sun tan on!

Tula keeping it comfy in her condo!

Roxanne soaking up all the sun right to her belly!

 Rocky Rockstar catching the breeze with some very big sniffs!

Rizzo ready for the pawpurrratzi!

Rascal helping with the blog today, and is always looking for some cuddle time!

Phoebe has gotten much more comfortable here, loving her playtime sessions!

Mimi catchin' the breeze, she loves exploring!

Bucky has found himself quite in love with miss Mimi, he follows her all throughout the       catio in search of her attention!
                   Bagheera is enjoying some quiet time!               

Juno has found a new favorite spot to relax and attempt to catch some fingers!
The second photo is our reenactment of Michelangelo's "Creation of Adam," we will call it "Creation of purrr- fection."

Jasper can be found almost anywhere from the catio, to the stairs, and then back around to his cozy condo where he gets plenty of company from fellow kitties!

Jack has been coming out of his shell a bit more, today he took to exploring the catio for some sunshine!

Goldie and Ernie are still settling in but have been enjoying the quiet of their condo!

Buddy getting in some very good stretches for national yoga day today!

Babka getting in some playtime, getting out all his energy! 

Archie getting in some pets, he's always down for some cuddles!

Archer catching some breeze and Janeway scoping out the other kitties from the stairs! 

Moki on the move, getting some quality grooming in!

Brian Buggs was exploring all this morning, after some excitement he's settled into his condo for an afternoon nap!

We will see you back here on Thursday!

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