Tuesday, September 13, 2022

September 13th, 2022

 September 13th.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

All the kitties are feeling the cooler weather!

Lego and Arwen share their bed as best the can this morning!

Batman loves to strut around the office like he own it!

Beesley loves to check out the catio from up high!

Portia and Dexter have different ideas on whether to sleep in or not!

Drake likes to judge you from the shelves of the catio!

Vivian and Edward prefer to chill in the morning!

Ivy loves to have her breakfast in bed!

Jon Robie loves his quiet time in bed!

Milo likes to hang out in other kitties condos!

Pip loves to get all the attention he can!

Romila likes to sleep in!

Roscoe likes to watch the going-on from his favorite basket!

Salvador loves to explore first thing in the morning!

Suki wondering why she's being disturbed from her beauty sleep!

Teddy loves to chill at the highest point in the catio!

Walter loves the window boxes in the office!

Watson likes to keep an eye on things from his condo!

Yumi is ready for a second breakfast!

Fun Cat Fact:

Each cat’s nose print is unique, much like human fingerprints!

We will see you all on Thursday!


AMK Team

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