Thursday, September 29, 2022

Happy Thursday!
We hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine before the rain!

Bastet prefers the catio and Khonsu likes relaxing in his condo!

Ani loves to cozy up in her tent bed and watch all the kitties!

Jack and Charlotte comfy as ever taking a midday nap!

Chloe in her favorite spot on the heated bed!

Taofu, and Cloudy!

Porter is loving his hidey bed!

Dale likes hanging out at the top of the stairs where it's more quiet!

Daisy and Dash both love exploring inside and out om the catio!

Dot and pixel are two peas in a pod, they do everything together!

Vivian and Edward both doing some bird watching today!

Elsie always relaxing in her condo!

Scarlet and Felix are still getting comfortable here but staying cozy in their condo!

Tommy Pickles catching some breeze on the catio and Lucy getting lots of head scratches and pets!

Makana likes bird watching from the window!

Millie napping away as usual!

Miniko loves to greet all the customers!

Pete is very chatty today!

Sierra watching for squirrels and birds!

Yoda relaxing after some catio time this morning!

Zeus keeping an eye on all the kitties from high up!

That's all for today!
See you all on Caturday!


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