Saturday, September 17, 2022

September 17th, 2022

 September 17th

Happy Saturday! And happy national dance day, I hope everyone is getting their groove on!

Angus likes to relax in his condo and he loves chin scratches!

Azula looking very distinguished this morning!

Batman always keeps us on our toes, he loves to play, climb, and loves being held!

Beesley relaxing after some catio time!

Beesly and Cooper  love to hangout in their condo but always come to the door for pets!

Puss N' Boots roaming the catio loving the sun, and Bootsie curled up in her favorite heated bed!

Charlie keeping it cool, chillaxin' and relaxin'

Charlotte is the nap queen, Jack is a bit more shy but is very comfortable in his hidey house!

Edward and Vivian are the most relaxed kitties, and love chin scratches!

Jade having a blast in the sun today!

Jon Robie is a sweet old guy who loves his naps and loves his face rubs!

Jubilee wore himself out with all the bird watching!

Millie knows all the best nap spots!

Milo like to hangout at the top of the stairs switching between his and his fellow kitties condos!

Roscoe getting ready to attack the catnip toy!

Phoebe likes to keep and eye on things from her condo!

Romila is a shy gal but loves our daily hangouts where she get some pets!

Pip is full of energy and always in the mood for playtime!

Salvador has found a cozy basket bed to relax in for the evening!

Watson hanging out in a fellow kitties condo for the afternoon!

Yue looking very regal, settling in for a nap!

Yumi came out to explore today!

We'll see you all on Monday!
Have a happy weekend

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