Thursday, September 15, 2022

September 15th 2020

 Happy Thursday Cat Lovers! 

Roscoe loves baskets! 

Vivian & Edward are big explorers! 

Teddy is a catio fan, they spend a lot of time on the upper shelves. 

Batman loves to explore the catio! He makes friends with everyone. 

Milo is exploring today!

Salvador loves the outdoors! 

Watson loves pets!

 Lego explores more while Arwen is a champ napper. 

Romila is slowly warming up, today she explored all the condos. 

Beesley is is so active in the catio! 

Pip embracing catio bliss! 

Jon Robie loves cozy naps!

Charlotte & Jack have different idea of exploring but are adjusting well 

Jade loves the high shelves. 

Millie loves her condo and knows where it is! 

Jubilee loves window boxes, that is where we always find them. 

Yumi is the sweetest girl! 

Have a great week AMK family! We will see you all Saturday! 

AMK Team 

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