Friday, June 16, 2023

June 16, 2023

 June 16th

Happy Friday!

Maisy loves getting in some big stretches while Luna curiously onlooks. 

Carlos is taking a paws from all the excitement from up above. 

Tari loves hanging around the catio!



 Buddy's having a paw-some time on the catio!


Blueberry getting some well deserved pets on the catio.

              Schrodinger is in playful spirits out on the catio.

 Waimea comfortably relaxing in her condo.


Moose is quite the happy cat while soaking up some sun!

Chilli is in the exploring mood today!

Romila loved getting extra pets from staff today!


Ben is on the move and ready to help in the office.

Archer's in a playful mood and enjoying the wand toy!

 Junebug's enjoying her soft brushes.


      Luna F. confidently explores and searches for her fur-ends today.

Ernie is purrfectly posing for the camera! 

Something caught Bert and Jett's eyes as they curisouly gaze on the catio.

Mittens is getting pets for being a fur-endly girl.

                  Archer and Janeway: 2 best fur-ends taking it easy today.

Boba enjoys his well deserved head scratches today!

Tony is enjoying a relaxing day outside.


                        Jasmine is keeping an eye out for her fur-ends while she cozies up in her condo.

Coco getting comfy in her bed while awaiting pets!

 Millie catching a breeze while birdwatching today!

 Dinah holds her head up high and watches her fur-ends below!

 Hana and Yuki are full of purrs and affection.

Nisa Boo playing with her favorite toy and watching the birds with her pal Otter.

Beautiful Momo sleeps peacefully in her condo. 

See you all Sunday! 
-AMK Team

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