Saturday, June 24, 2023

June 24, 2023

 June 24th

Happy Saturday! 

Nisa exploring all parts of the cattery and Momo showing off her napping skills
Bert and Jett love the catio and have made friends with Kiwi
Boba hanging out in his king bed
Dinah is not so sure about this toy
Juno is a pro at napping

Waffles showing you all her modeling skills

Jinx really likes baskets

Mika modeling on the catio
Buzz and Kiwi reaching out for some pets
Frankie and Frito are both ready for their close ups
Oscar showing off his play skills
Kuma is a master at napping
Rascal loves this bed, even if he doesn't entirely fit

CC asking for some pets and Mango enjoying time on top of the condos

Almond showing their catio skills

Gary bird watching
Knickerbocker just likes to chill 

Arya Stark is not impressed with my camera skills

Goji likes all parts of the catio

Anastasia and Elsa enjoying their comfy beds
Celia enjoying bird watching in the window

Brutus and Hyra napping on the catio

We will see you Monday June 26th!
-AMK Team

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