Tuesday, June 6, 2023

June 6, 2023

 June 6th

Happy National Yo-Yo Day! 

Otis loves the catio!

Otter enjoying a cool floor after playing with Charlie

Charlie strutting himself and napping on the catio

Nona doing her best to help me with paperwork

Archie helping with laundry and
 exploring the catio cabins

Luna exploring the catio and
 Maisy staying cozy in her cabin

Maisie letting us know how much she enjoys the highest shelf

Nala gave this look as she spotted a bird in the garden

Frankie letting the birds know that they are being watched

Bert and Ernie like the condos at the top of the stairs. They are connected at the hip

Carlos is a little shy but loves some neck scritches

Tari cozy in her condo, she's still warming up to us. 

Zeus loves a good cubby

Buddy's post treat face

We will see you all on Thursday! 
-AMK Team

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