Sunday, June 4, 2023

June 4, 2023

 June 4th

We hope you are all getting some recharge time on this sunny Sunday!

Arthur showing this cabin how strong he is!

Otis is a little sun drunk!

Bootsie staying cool under the cabins and
 Puss N Boots found a cubby he likes

Otter and Charlie went crazy together for the feather!

Nona posing in the window and curled up like a fox

Charlie thinks the peacock feather is pretty awesome 

Archie being cute and showing their silly side

Angus holding down his favorite spot

Condi being a hunter!

Frankie likes chilling in cubbies but 
also comes out to show off his mittens. 
He's trying the outside for the first time today

Nala thinks the feather is pretty cool

Maisy and Luna settling into their condo

Chip playing while chilling in her cubby

Maisie looking so pretty as she hangs out in her condo
 and exploring the high up spots

Becky says "um, what is this?"

Bert and Ernie checking out the smells this morning
 and Ernie exploring on the first day out! SO BRAVE!  

Carlos staying cozy in his condo

NOT PICTURED: Arya Stark is camera shy today!

See you all on Tuesday!

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