Saturday, October 14, 2023

October 14, 2023

 October 14th

Happy Saturday!

Valentin exploring in the morning     

Suki B strutting about

Cookie giving her best pose

Coco B relaxing in their cubby after doing some exploring

Mantou talking on top of the condos

Fennec and Nagi sharing a shelf on the catio

Frank and Hank play together and cuddle together

Saba practicing their door acrobatics 

Luna staying cozy

Newton getting some pets on the catio

Lucy watching the catio activity

Biggie exploring the catio and 
Meredith coming out to greet a handler

Coco M checking things out

Memo taking a bath on the top of the condos

Almond staying warm in their catio basket

Suki S loves some head pets

Sausage lounging on the shelf

Selina looking out the window of their condo and
 Zuri exploring the catio

Mini staying cozy in their cubby

Schrodinger exploring the catio

Etta enjoying some catnip

Felix and Scarlett enjoying some catnip

Feldspar and Gabbro staying cozy in their condo

We will see you Monday! 
-AMK Team

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