Wednesday, October 18, 2023

October 18, 2023

 October 18th

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Valentin getting some pets and meeting Oliver again

Mantou would like to know why they can't go in the food room

Fennec and Nagi will both pose for the camera

Luna has is out exploring today

Lucy exploring about the catio

Mini found the window today!

Feldspar and Gabbro both came out to explore today

Schrodinger peeking around the window

Poche ventured out to try the bookshelves today

Oliver likes exploring the tops of the condos 
and heading out to explore the catio

Peanut and Pistachio are fun playful kittens! 

Bootsie asking for pets in their condo
and Puss "n" Boots spending time on the catio

We will see you all Friday! 
-AMK Team

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