Monday, October 2, 2023

October 2nd, 2023

 October 2nd, 2023

Happy October, friends! Spooky season is here, but don't worry - our furry guests are only getting treats, and that's no trick!

Since it's a little rainy today, Bootsie is keeping cozy inside!


Lily decided to enjoy a bit of fresh air before heading inside for her nap!

Luna is such a love bug!

Puss N Boots is always curled up in a basket on the catio!

Valentin and Mushu enjoyed being on bird watch this morning. 

But Valentin needed some individual pets and affection, too :)

Ash is keeping things nice and snuggly in his condo today!

Our youngest guests, Camden and Chelsea, were bouncing off the walls this morning - but now they've settled into everyone's coziness at AMK today!

Even Clovis is enjoying a little shut eye - though with Camden and Chelsea as upstairs neighbors, I'd take all the naps I could get, too!

Sweet Cookie is enjoying her first stay at All My Kitties! She has settled in great and has such a charming personality. 

Miss Etta has a very sophisticated air about her - she informed me that I'd actually need to contact her secretary if we were going to have any further photoshoots. 

One out of two "Suki"s staying with us right now! Upstairs Suki is getting more comfortable making new human friends, and I'm hoping she'll get the confidence to explore even more soon!

Downstairs Suki just joined us yesterday afternoon! She's still settling in and figuring us out - but I'm already seeing her curiosity starting to blossom.

Coco also just joined us yesterday! Taking a page out of the regulars' book, Coco is enjoying cozy vibes in his den.

That's all for now! We'll check back in with you on Wednesday for more of our sweet guests' shenanigans! 


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