Saturday, October 28, 2023

October 28th, 2023

 October 28th, 2023    

We're so close to Halloween! Are you in the spooky spirit? 

Boris has been hanging out helping us with check ins and check outs! Maybe he's ready to join the AMK team.

Bug is obsessed with the catio! She loves spending her lazier mornings out there. 

Charles was downstairs for a bit today, so he gets to join in on the blog fun :)

Handsome Edgar let his naked kitty friend Peanut hang out in his condo for a bit today! I think they're figuring out if they're cousins. 

Geno and Goldie are keeping busy out on the catio today! Goldie went around to make sure everything was in proper order, while Geno just enjoyed the fresh, clean floor and some playtime. 

Jessica is such a model! I swear, she knows when I'm taking pictures. Is this a pose or what!

Handsome Kirby is enjoying his stay so far! His condo is right next to one of the windows, so he gets to enjoy some bird watching and fresh air throughout the day. 

Lila has continued to crack us all up with her love for being under this basket! I haven't figured out her method of entry yet, but she sure does love this spot!

Miss Luna heard that Schrodinger left, and she didn't want Shotn to feel lonely on his shelf on the catio, so she joined him as his stand-in twin!

Merci heard that the sun was out today and she had to get a peek for herself! She loves the view of the water from the window. 

Peanut looks so handsome in his sweater! He's a bit more interested in becoming friends with Edgar than Edgar might be, but I think they'll be two peas in a pod by the end of their stay. 

Omg, Pudding! She is so small and adorable! She is brave and curious, but she must admit that vacuum noises aren't her favorite. She hunkered down in her (clean!) litterbox for a bit, but still gave me lots of cuddles. 

Salvador found all of the best up high spots today! It's good to know he's looking out for us. 

And last but not least, Shotn enjoying his morning catio time with Luna - he'll miss Schrodinger, but he's excited to get to know another one of his lookalikes staying with us!

We hope you all have a wonderful Halloweekend! We'll check in with you again on Monday to see if any of our guests have some costume ideas. :)

AMK Team

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