Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 13th

Lucy in her favorite spot.

Venus packed herself up and is all ready to go home today!

Coco just likes the comfort of her carrier.

Baby Maximus.

Zorro (above) and Josie (below) are taking it easy today.

Millie is doing a little belly dancing. 

Rosabelle and Zezou love their wicker baskets.

Buster enjoying some filtered water.

Tiger is on the lookout for birds

Cougar is just too handsome.

Maximus loves this feather toy!

Sweet Kali took over Lucy's spot.

Miss Wilson getting cozy on this plush blanket.

Do you see a fly, Loki?

Odin looks pretty comfy in his bed.

Oops, looks like I woke Millie up from her nap.

Sisters Lulu and Arina are too tired to even notice when I take pictures.

We have two Lulu's as well as two Millie's right now.
This Lulu is getting ready to explore the cattery.

Jessica waving "hello" to her family!

Bombay doing a handstand.

Poncho is such a sweet kitty! I think he's really enjoying this spring weather.

Rosabelle moved to the outside and found a great catnip toy to play with.

Have a wonderful day!
Your blog host - Ellen

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