Thursday, April 3, 2014

April 3rd

Minka getting her beauty sleep. 

"Um, excuse you, why aren't you brushing me?!" 
Tess just LOVES her blue brush.

She's a completely different cat when her favorite brush comes out.
Oh Chief. You're such a handsome boy.

Speaking of handsome boys. Look at that smile on Zezou's face!

Loup is our new guard cat.

Sweet little Moe. 

Does that smell good, Marilyn?

Spike rushing out of his tent for some cuddles.

While is sister, Sushi, takes a quick cat nap.

Spike and Marcel sharing this big driftwood cat tree.

Oh really Philbert? Is that so?

Koa striking a pose.

Bombay has been having fun exploring this morning.

Oops, looks like Marilyn took over Loup's job.

Marcel enjoying the view from his condo. Are there any birdies outside??

Lick lick lick, gotta keep that coat fresh huh, George?

Mojo is getting a little break from his cone of shame.

Aw here's Jo hiding out in a heated cabin outside.  
(Heehee, we have a kitty named Mojo and then we also have siblings Moe and Jo staying with us right now!)

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