Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April 9, 2014

 Sunshine and cat-naps!

Little Maximus is the sweetest kitten!

Wentworth has the prettiest coat, 

and he loves to show it off!

Lulu is posted on guard duty,

while Arina takes a nap...

Chief is staying nice and cozy today

Newton just got here but he looks like hes ready to get out and explore

Buster is just sauntering around the cattery. The heated floor on little paws is sooooo nice.

Mo is on a rampage today!

Which left him in great need of a cat-nap!

Zorro just got here, and he already has so much to tell us!

 Cougar is just trying to enjoy the sun.

 We always have the indoor crowd like Bombay,


They all like to just take it easy.

And the outdoor crowd...

Who like to have fun in the sun like Philbert.

Bombay was in and out all day

Motorhead was having a blast outside although he might not look like it from this photo.  

Eliza was jumping from post to post

And Jo was just trying to soak up some sun.

Blog today by Miles, who's having just as much fun with the sun as all the kitties are!

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