Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Willie Nelson!

Happy 80th birthday Willie Nelson!
Roo is nice and cozy in his kitty bed, he doesn't even care that it's nice out!

Mittens prancing around

Oka (above) and Luna (below) are all nice and settled in for their afternoon naps.

Radar checking out my camera

Isn't he handsome?

Theo just talking up a storm

Duke is feeling a bit bashful. 
Mittens is excited for the sun

Awww yesss, chin rubs are the best! 

Aren't they Mini Bear?

Nefertiti peeking out behind the lace curtain. Her eyes almost match the trees 

Mini Bear is just the cutest. She has the sweetest meow too.

Duke lounging around.
Oka came out of her condo and took over Roo's condo.

Ruuuunnn! I'm under attack!
Theo is such a silly little guy.
(he was running towards the camera so I didn't get the best pic)

Duke is VERY interested in my shoes. 

Neddie is the BEST cuddler. I think I might have to keep her!

Your blog host - Ellen

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