Saturday, April 26, 2014

April 26th

The Sun is Back!!!
A lot of our guests were going crazy around the condos, but just as many stayed sound asleep

Jackson spent his day running around

Lucy stayed curled up for a nap..

Mini-bear was everywhere! But when she ran out of energy, she just curled up right where she was

Nefertitti just got in, so she was takin' it easy

Duke was being his usual silly self

Rufus is really getting the trick of this whole blanket thing

I think I interrupted Neddie's grooming time

Oka saying hello to the sunshine!

Who's that peeking out there?

 Why, it's Radar with his beautiful coat!



 And Around!
Theo was running around so fast I had a hard time snapping shots

Did someone sneak into your basket Roo?

 It was none other than fluffy Mittens!

Blog today by Miles, wishing sunshine and fun to everyone on vacation, and hoping everyone here in Seattle got to get outside today!

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