Friday, July 18, 2014

July 18th

Kona settling down for a nap.

Maddox is just the most adorable thing in the world!

Elsa has several favorite napping spots. This is one of them.
Maxwell sitting pretty

Here's another favorite spot of Elsa's.

Eiger LOVES his chin rubs.

He seems offended that I stopped! Sorry!!

Sherman looks handsome with that hot pink blanket.

Eiger wanting more attention :)

Fiona is ALWAYS by the door trying to sneak past me. Silly girl.

Mittens being her usual adorable self.

Fiona looking for that perfect comfy spot.

Ahh yess.

Millie looks pretty happy in this basket.

Jack Black, you have such stunning eyes!

Aww Grace! All these cozy kitties.

Maggie looks so gorgeous with that black mask across her face.

Phil doesn't want me to forget about him. How could I? He's such a sweet boy.

Brothers Maddox and Maxwell hanging out together.

I swear, Rosabelle has come out of her condo. It's just such a great napping spot.

Sisters Nyar and Yana are such lazy kitties.

They look pretty content where they are.

We have two orange Tiger's with us right now. This is Tiger M

This is Tiger B.

It's finally cooled down a little and Pixel seems to be enjoying it.

Little Bit's upset that I'm too busy taking pictures to pet her.
Even with the vacuum on, Lady T is just napping away!

Pywackie in her favorite spot. What a sweetheart she is.

Grendel has the most interesting eyes! He's so handsome!

Happy Friday!
Your blog host - Ellen

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  1. Love all those kitty pics, Ellen! Give Jack Black a snuggle for us. :) Tammy