Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 22nd

July 22nd 2014

A friendly bunch at All My Kitties today.  Everyone is chillin' now that the weather's cooled down!  

Grendel has dancers in his eyes!  

Grendel's eyes look like the poster for Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Cats"

Pi Wackie peeks her head out if her friend, Ellen, is there.  She's a one-woman cat!

Pretty Miss Serena looking serene.  

Grendel again, enjoying a quiet window box.

Tiger stretches out to say "Hello"

Lady Tschang is so sweet sleeping with her tail curled up around her nose like a squirrel

Grace is on the move again!

Gigi is wise and all-knowing.  

Fiona and Eiger are double-decker kitties!  They like to be in close proximity to one another at all times.  

Milly was in the middle of grooming herself when she was interrupted by the paparazzi.  

Spike is such a charmer.  He always ready to meet and greet.  

Maggie loves her bed from home!  She matches it perfectly.  

Brothers Maxwell and Maddox are always hanging out together. They're a match made in Heaven, as far as cats are concerned. 

Junior is camped out in the catio.  He loves the outdoors!

Nyar is such an animated cat who strikes poses whenever people are around

Tiger is tucked away inside his cabin...

...but he comes out to strut his stuff!

Elsa is all scrunchy after being woken up from her nap.

Sherman is such a sweet guy who flops for luvs!

Sushi walks the cat walk with confidence

Phil, you ain't got no TEEFS!

Have a wonderful day, ya'all!

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