Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4th, 2014

Happy 4th of July!!!

Our festivities were in full swing here at All My Kitties!

But of course, half the cats were napping...

"Have the fireworks started yet?"

Loup is going in ahead of time to beat all the noise 

Mr T. made his own fireworks happen with a feather toy!

This little guy is always so playful!

Malachi showing off his national pride

 Even on a warm summer day, Summer's favorite spot is a nice warm lap

Milly enjoyed having an extra patriotic blanket

And Butterscotch was just napping...

Little Bit was asleep outside the balcony waiting for mason to leave

And Mason headed for the next warmest spot she could find!

Minka's just sitting pretty, like she always is

"Smells like... Freedom."

Are you feeling the festivities Angel?

Sure looks like Josie is

Jackson pretty much stays mellow, be it rain, sun or fireworks

I asked Hunter what her favorite thing about being American is, she said "Meow"

Diego used the 4th as excuse to play around all day, but I think he used the same excuse on the 3rd too...

Marcel enjoying his beautiful new cape

And of course, more cats napping in summer sun!

Sam up here and Yana right below were among a dozen who just spent all day out in the sun

I'm sure all the people who are out of town are getting an amazing show later tonight!
Around here I can already here the occasional pop and bang, but it doesn't seem to bug the cats much...

hmmmm, I think Nyar sees a bird

Pixel just sees a room full of cats she wants to play with

Elsa was kind enough to pose elegantly for another flag shot

Puss'n'Boots was taking a very patriotic nap!

Hester was just taking the normal, adorable variety of cat nap

Mason was here to greet me when I came to do the blog

Listen to the Kitten!

 Blog today by Miles, hoping you all have a very fun time out there, and I hope everyone is being safe! Party, have a celebration of our nation, and we will see everyone when you're back in town!

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