Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7th

After a VERY busy weekend, things are quieting down a little.

Isn't Elsa just gorgeous? 

Frankie's getting ready to play

Hester is great company when replying to emails. 

King Fergus is able to enjoy the view outside from the comfort of his condo.

Greywackie showing off some cool moves.

Mason looks pretty content in her kitty tent

Beautiful Pywackie

She's just the sweetest!

Sisters Yuki and Hana enjoy their ceiling time

Hunter is just the sweetest and cutest!

Kashi looks so handsome.


Smokey just hanging out

Tana's giving me one of her model poses.

Krancis is such a patriotic kitty. He's still celebrating the 4th.

Look at those eyes! Sam has such a sweet look on his face

Yana has to pet herself.

She looks like she's transforming into a dog!
(I love when they do the 'head shake')

Kashi just posing away

Nyar has a lot to tell me!

"Make sure you get my good side!" ~ Little Bit

Nyar should be a ballerina, look at those back feet

What a long kitty!

I'm guessing Elsa is pretty comfy
WOW! Look at those chompers

"Enough with the pictures already!" Sorry Elsa! But you're too cute.

Gracie all nice and cozy in her basket

Happy Monday everyone!
Your blog host - Ellen

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