Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 29th

Rufus enjoying the view from on top of the condos.

Sweet little Lady T napping away.

Stanley came upstairs to bother.. I mean, check on his sister, Settie.

Settie took over Chloe's condo.

That's okay though, Chloe likes hanging out on top of the condo's anyway.

Gigi looks pretty comfy!

Look at that handsome face! Maxwell kept trying to sniff the camera so this is the best picture I could get  of him. He's such a cutie!

Cooper taking it easy in her condo.

"No pictures, please!"

Maddox and Indie bonding over a shared interest. Nap time!

Little Bit settled down in a cozy basket.

Now Summer poses for the camera.

Jackson staying cool in the book shelf.

Millie's such a cool cat.

Junior looooves being outside.

Badger staying cool while looking out at the view.

Oscar looks so cute here. What am I saying, Oscar is always cute!

Ozzie has the right idea, hang out by the water dish to stay cool. Smart kitty!

Tiger showing off some of his sweet dance moves.


Maxwell again! How cute is he?

Pretty Palu coming up to the camera for some cuddles.

Have a great day everyone!
Your blog host - Ellen

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