Wednesday, October 12, 2016

October 12th, 2016

Quito couldn't be any cuter!

Hana is deep in thought

Nazale is nestled in tight

Miu Miu!

It's cherry Chewy!

Yuki takes comfort to another level


Tana takes it nice and easy

Pip plays peek-aboo

Oyster is not quite awake yet

Aussie gives herself a bath

Hyra makes silly faces at me

Brutus is simply a beauty to behold

Gotcha, Gus!

Back to sleep with Mila behind him

Those are some mighty long legs!

Such a looker

Raleigh is a real sweetheart!

Are you sticking your tongue at me, Bailey?

Anytime is bedtime for Blanton

Out little Petunia is back!


Oh hey, Artie!

Gotta sharpen those claws!

Foster! You are so darling

Happy Wednesday!
Your blog host, Lindsay

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