Saturday, October 22, 2016

October 22nd

Meal time over and everyone is anxious to explore the cattery.

 Pouncer is a curious cat!  

Inside Sabrina's cozy Cabana.

Smokey is King of the Kondos!

Theo steals Mitten's carrier before I can even put it away.

Yana is warm and cozy.

 Cougar is our nocturnal cat and loves to be outside at night.

 Moose does a little star-gazing.

 You'd just live outside if you could! 

Handsome Holder!  

 Sonny has been such a joy!   
That face!   
Lola is never far from Sonny's side.

 Donald and Girlie

Pangur eats his dinner in his condo.  

Lady Penelope "Blahhhhhh!"

Artie's decided that he likes the ground-floor condo better for eating and sleeping.   


Garth!  Look at the camera!

Don't be shy!  

Wayne's a pretty boy!  

Simba and Mystic have finished their meals and want out NOW!

Mittens is always a show stopper

Johny Walker is all ready for bed!  

 McClane is a very distinguished cat.  

Oyster is a good boyster!  

Snug-as-a-bug Wally cat!  

 Pouncer and Sabrina are bunk mates! 

 Bongo is a happy-go-lucky guy!   

Coco just arrived!  

And Sooshie too!


Fluffy in his private club house.

Have a great day!

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