Tuesday, October 4, 2016

October 4th, 2016

Fergus is fabulous!

Miss Wilson is a gentle little lady

Stretching those limbs

Voldemort, sweet Voldemort!

Pouncer is the friendliest little guy

Fluffer takes a snooze

Sabrina is a sweetie pie

Looking mighty comfy there, Kittles!

Leo and Kittles are an adorable brother and sister

What lovely eyes on you, Bocelli!


Olive is a love!

Quito is the quite the cutie!

Curious little guy

Pip wears a pretty coat!

Tana is a tremendous beauty!


Fluffy is incapable of not being precious

Smokie and Raleigh are chilling out together

Very majestic looking up there, Merlin!



Siblings Hyra & Brutus lounge around in the catio



Elfi sure does love her baskets


Meile scratches away

Alice is astonishingly sweet and friendly!

Soaking up pets

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