Monday, October 24, 2016

October 24th, 2016

Bongo gets sneaky from behind the desk!


Sabrina is snuggled up

Spike in a slumber

Smokey is pretty smokin' beautiful!

Pouncer is our friendly boy!

I surprised Fluffer in the window

Desi is dashing

Ollie matches the shelf!

Lola has great big green eyes

Johnnie Walker!

Wally wakes up

Wayne is a charmer

Simba peaks out

Mystic makes the bed

Holder has much to say

McClane has a lovely mane!

Girlie is one pretty girl

Zeta observes the catio

Garth is the greatest guy!


Pangur has a precious face

Cougar is one cool cat

Sonny much prefers the outdoors

Zephyr, you're too adorable for words!

Nyar lounges about

Donald is a darling

Lola looks peacefully out at the world

Happy Monday!
Your blog host, Lindsay

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