Friday, May 12, 2017

May 15th 2017

I'm sorry for the delay in photos.  One of our cat wranglers extraordinaire, Lindsay, has moved to a sunnier climate in San Diego, but new wrangler, Angela, is starting Sunday.  

The infamous string eater, Smoky

Who's this hiding?

Snickers and Simba, new guests to All My Kitties

 Simba watches over his friend while he takes a quick cat nap.    

What a nice guy!

Mimi has a smile for us today.


And Pepper!

Goose comes out of her kitty tent for a photo shoot.
Stella has a pretty cute snout.

Loki without Kaleesi.  Kaleesi avoided the camera today.

Bazbeaux puts his right paw out and his left paw back.
Blaire is a confident cat!

Moxie is keeping to herself.

Basso is a nice big Maine Coon cat.

 Frankie, darling!

Hera has a lot to say!

So very lovely!

Parker is a gentle soul.

Lydia is a sleek little thing.  

Our kitties Eru and Taiko still looking for a forever home.

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