Monday, May 29, 2017

May 29th

Today is the end of the busy holiday weekend and most of the kitties have gone home.

 Minka loves her cat nip toy.

 Hana helping me out with paperwork. 

 Elfie showing an attitude.

She's a sweet girl.
 This pose of Clovis cracks me up.

Yuki is into lap sitting.

 Our girl Fluffy.

 Ahhhh Summer is kind of shy.

 Mossimo opening his sleepy catnap eyes for a photo.

 New cat wrangler extraordinaire, Angela, falls for "pick me up" from Kodiak.

Frankie is an expert at basket lounging.

 Missy has quite a lot to tell us.

 Juno found a very comfortable spot to watch the garden from.

" Take me home!"

  "Take me home!"
 "My brother Eru and I want to live with you and we're both just so beautifully adorable."

 Is Bear looking forward to dinner?

 Mojo loves the catio on warm spring days like today.

Blaise is going home tomorrow.  He looks forward to seeing his people again.

OOPS!  I missed Raliegh, Milo, and Francis in today's blog.  If you would like to see photos of those three cuties, give me a shout at
Your holiday blog host - Marie

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