Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May 16, 2017

Basso is a regal figure at the cattery.  

Francis loves to lounge!  


Lydia found a nice, quiet corner to relax in.  


Blaise is tucked in tight!  

Dexter is a fan of his condo.

Lovely Tiger!  

Pepper chats us up!

Gigi looks so luxurious with her new hair cut.  


Kodiak is always on the move!

Is that you up there, Blaire?


Frankie can't get enough of the catio.  

Frankie suns her self on a top-most shelf.  

Hera struts out of her condo to say hello.  

Blaire can be a real goof-ball at times!

Parker has such lovely kitty features.  

Stella makes herself right at home.  

Beatrice is a gentle soul.  

Ollie loves to try out new spots to nap in. 

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