Sunday, May 14, 2017

May 14th

 What a nice kitty Simba.  He's helping me with my paperwork.

Smokey is a handsome boy.

Tiger is very handsome also. 

Snickers found a little spot to call his own.

 We gave Mimi a little catnip treat.

Dexter and Pepper

Remind you of something?

Goose is such a gentle kitty.

She even let Bazbaeux move right in.

Showcase GG!!!

Look at her showing off her new hairdo!!!  Lion Cut.

I'm trying to get Goose, Bazbeaux, all in the same shot while holding GG.  Made for a pretty funny photo I think. 

 Stella watches all the commotion without a care.

Moxie is still not too sure about us, but she sure likes her treats.

Here they are again.  Lounge lizards Eru and Takio waiting for you to take them home.

Frankie shows us her yoga moves.

Basso is always sticking his nose in the camera lens. 

Here's another Frankie with housemate Hura.  

Hura showing a little 'tude. 

 What a sweetheart Blaire is.

 New arrival Beatrice all cuddled in her blanket Mamma knitted for her. XXOO 

 Blaise is a new arrival today too but not quiet ready to come out of his carrier.  

Third new guest today is Kodiak.  Look who's a tough kitty.

Bazbauex again laying on the heated floor of the cattery.  
Parker and Lydia are also housemates.

Your blog host today - Marie

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