Saturday, May 6, 2017

May 6th

What a beautiful coat Minka


Our feral kitty who we just named Pharrell.  Do you think he know's he's going to get neutered on Monday??? =^..^= 

Jade trying to find a spot of warm sun.


Kalheesi and Loki

Mittens getting photo bombed by Miyah

Frankie just cant keep her eyes open for the flash.  

Millie one

Millie two



Eru looking adorable.  He is one of our cats up for adoption.

That's a lot of fur Miyah

Goose is so sweet.  She likes to keep to herself in a cozy cat tent.

Have a great weekend.

Your blog host - Marie

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  1. Hi Marie, this is Aziza's owner...unless there is another Aziza staying there, that's not her.