Sunday, September 30, 2018

September 30th

Elsie is only 6 months old! Tiny baby!

Frejya enjoys the window box 

Hana and Yuki are such a cute pair!

Sweet sisters!

Yuki being curious

Hana feat. Yuki's tail

Aren't Zoe's paws cute!!?

Jyn is shy but so gentle 

Cozy Nim

Pretty Idgie

Floppy Rigby

We've been keeping Elsie in her condo since she's so small, but she INSISTS she can take care of herself


she's just so small and cute

Handsome Scout!

Lamar gets cuddles from Angela (which he's a fan of)

Lamar gets a kiss (Which he says he could do without)

Hyra flopping around and purring

Such a sweet angel!

Brutus demanding attention

Such a beautiful kitty!

Stanley attacks the scratching post

Sweet Stanley

Monkey explores the catio

Rita looking stately and dignified

Wide eyed Skipper

Look at those baby blues

Lil' Man flounces around the catio

What are you looking at Lil' Man?


Frankie does a big yawn

Sweet sleepy Pastow

Brutus claims the top of the cat tree

Cecil licks his lips after an afternoon snack

Cecil in the sunshine on top of his condo

Sweet Quorra!

- Your blog host, Devon =^.^=

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