Sunday, November 11, 2018

November 11th

LE lounging 

Saoirse cozy in her condo

Sweet Puma 

Sabastion is like umm a little privacy please

Princess Minka 


Handsome Rex and his big green eyes

Nina was purring when I took this picture

Olive and Fifa were too cozy to come out for a picture

Sweet Blizzard rubs his head on his condo


Pretty Tula 

Sweet baby Fin!

Ginsburg and Beauvoir are a sweet pair of playful poets

It was nearly impossible to get a non-blurry photo of either of  them

Look at those paws!

Look at that BLEP

Beautiful Raleigh

Millie on the stairs

Tana always has something to say

Rubbing her face on a catio shelf

Sweet Liam did some exploring today!

Kashi licks her lips 

Coco and Seal are another sweet pair of siblings

Cozy in their condo


Kurie in the sunshine

Accepting scritches

Penny on the catio

So sweet!

Frankie is annoyed that I would photograph her while she's in the middle of grooming

Kathryn lounging

Cody snuck onto one of the desk shelves 

Look at Puma's big round eyes

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