Wednesday, November 21, 2018

November 21st

All of the Thanksgiving guests have settled in for the holiday.  We are glad that your kitties are safe here with us!  No one wants to return home from their trip to discover that their cat accidentally left the faucet running.  

Loki's eyes are like the ocean.  

Ollie perched on a roll of paper towels.  

Let's make you cozy, Cammy!

Frankie just arrived moments ago.  

Jackson has the computer chair all to himself.  



Glamourous Goose.  

Mona is being a sweetie.  

Hello there, Zolo! 


Darling Hana.  

Ollie is a true sport.  

Great to see you again, Zoey!

Aussie pokes her head out to say hello.

Who's your friend, Chairman Meow?


Holly is so excited for Thanksgiving!

Puma has been making buddies with the cats who like to hang out on top of condos.

Lovely Chloe.

Is that you in there, Scout?

Pleaseant Pancho.

Howdy, Rocky!

Jinx looks kingly in his collar.

Merceline the Vampie Queen!

Hello Coco!

And the other Coco!

Maxwell, baby!

Coco again!

Beau sticks his tongue out.  


Pancho makes a turn about the room.

Cheerful Kodiak.

Riga loves the outdoors.  

Fin is a BABY!

Majestic Misu.  

Kodiak cat!

Fabulous Roscoe.  


Roo is always on his best behavior.

Silly Noodles.

Contemplative Seal.

Cougar stays warm on a heated basket.  

GG is a dream come true!

Happy Thanksgiving!

All My Kitties

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  1. Jenna Field Cocos MomNovember 23, 2018 at 4:46 PM

    Looks like a good time. Thanks all my kitties!!