Wednesday, November 7, 2018

November 7th

It's Whisker Wednesday!

Nina is a big fan of the water fountain

Rex made a beeline to his favorite vantage point

I caught Jiji being a silly boy!

Jiji and Nazale find company in one another

Rex says "heeeey I'm nappin here!"
Brave little Sadie ventures out her condo...
A little unsure, but fascinated by the activity outside

Tula and her magnificent feather boa!

Hey Mandy!

Here she comes!

Welcome Kitty Boy & Mini!
Getting all warmed up

Triple threat!

Charlie tucks himself in as Sailor watches from the window

Another Jiji!

Such a looker!

Paris pokes her head out for some love

Liam has really taken to the catio
Such a perfect day for it

Raleigh mlem!
Someone get this boy a modeling contract!

Sailor reminds me of a mouse!

Notch looks very mysterious in there

Scout has claimed this basket

Notch is insatiable!

Mandy has the cutest expressions

Scout and her piglet tail

Charlie likes to ambush me for pets at the top of the stairs

Molly loves a good head scritch

You and Mandy have matching coats!

Someone curled up on my lap for a snuggle today...

Mona is so happy she's drooling

Nazale always lets me know when she's ready for pets
Jiji is just smitten with his new girlfriend

Such a ladies man that Jiji!

Thanks for tuning in!

Your Blog Host(s)
Angela (& Jiji)

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