Tuesday, November 27, 2018

November 27th

Just Some Thanksgiving Leftover Kitties!

Holly Jolly! 
I felt someone playing with my hair from above..

Sweet lil Petunia!

So precious

Holly heard that I was giving out some love

Puma helps me break down after a busy weekend!

He is always down for lots of pets 

Handsome Beau

Scout on alert!

Maxwell always comes out to greet me!

Lamar has the best bed-head

Riga in the shadows...

Kodiak says "om nom nom your arm is tasty!"


Lamar shows off his teefies


Beau loves some good pets

Don't fall! 
Kodiak we will miss you when you go home today!

Maxwell is a curious boy

Thats not a toy, Scout!

That's Beau's tail!

Riga approves!

Thanks for checking in!

Your Blog Host,

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