Sunday, November 25, 2018

November 25th

Time for a quick kitty update!

These kitties always know when its dinner time

Pretty Zoe!

Ollie loves chin scritches

Petunia likes the darkest corners

Wide-eyed Holly
Zoe mlem

Ollie loves the view

What a love! I wish Mona came more often...

Frankie is the most observant

Yuki & Hana, like two little white mice

Meow and Puma are the best of friends now
They snuggle when they nap!

Little Saoirse

Holly is "falling" in love!

L.E. wants all the love

Riga says "its almost dinner!"

Zoe asked to go down to the catio when it cleared out

Cougar in a box!

Misu streeeetches over to me

Even Rockstars need a nap

We just ADORE Jinx's fancy collar

Kodiak and Riga make friends 
Janeway on her way up to visit brother

P-Kitty in da house

Kodiak is our little racoon 

Pudge, true to form

Beau, will you be my beau?

Sleepy Chloe!

Roscoe says "c'mere and pet me!"

Maxwell the distinguished gentleman


Snooze a Roo-ney!

Thanks for tuning in!
Sorry if we missed anyone!

Your Blog Host,

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