Tuesday, March 12, 2019

March 12th

Happy Tuesday!

"I have to go home today???"

Greyson is ready to pounce

Kaplan says "can I pleeease climb onto your shoulders?" 

Welcome Back Misu!
Greyson asked us to put him back downstairs so he could play in the catio again

Puss N Boots' stay was short and sweet

Q-Tip is a Q-T! 
She loves to watch the birds fly by

Double trouble!
My lovey-dovey buddies Greyson & Kaplan
"You're not petting me right now"

Misu couldn't wait to hit the catio when she arrived

Hey sweet face!

Greyson's eyes match the lush green garden

Little speckled Shiloh toe beans

Did you want some cuddles Harry?

Hey says "Yes ma'am!" 

"Is mom here yet?"

Just the sweetest face! 

Such a snuggly guy that Harry!

Thanks for tuning in!

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