Saturday, March 16, 2019

March 16th

Happy Caturday!

Blaire has a noodle for a tail

Q-Tip watches the action from her favorite spot

Greyson says "what about me?"

Esme enjoys the view

She's loving the catio!

Misu greets me from above

Greyson is such a handsome boy

Misu with her eyes full of love

This might be Milo's new fav condo

Bayley thinks this water bowl is awfully suspicious!

Hey Sabastion!

Touched by an Angel


Awww Blisss!

Pawl McCatney is still warming the place up 
Thats a nice tuxedo you got on there Sabastion

Schooner isn't quite ready to come out of his basket

Leo makes sure I got plenty of fur to sit on back at the desk

GG so happy to see me!
Beau has such a precious pink nose

And so do you, Bags!

Leo helps me with some office work 
And lurks from under the chair

Bags' has a favorite spot

Beau likes the fresh air, but isn't ready to commit to going in the window box yet

GG stands for Good Girl? Yes she is!

Bayley is the coziest

Milo leans into chin rubs with all his might!

Thanks for tuning in!

Your Blog Host,

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