Sunday, March 10, 2019

March 10th

from r/aww
 These kitties have so much fun
Whenever there's some sun!
Hello up there Greyson!

Harry has so much to tell me!
He just wants some love
All the love for Harry! 
Welcome back Puss N Boots!

Kaplan is such a gentleman 

Marie's garden is starting to bloom! 
Look at all those beautiful shadow stripes on Cocoa Bean

Ian says "save room for me!"

A portrait of PNB

We're gonna miss Quincy when he goes home today,
and we think he'll miss the catio!

Greyson tells me how much he loves this sunshine

He tries to get Quincy's attention too

Harry is so photogenic

My perfect tee for today

Naptime for Q-Tip after a morning catio romp
Elsie is such a love bug
Toe beans!
"Pet meeeeeee!" 

Ian is thinking about snacks...

Kaplan says "ta-ta for now!"

Thanks for tuning in!

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Angela (& Kaplan)

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