Thursday, March 28, 2019

March 28th

Chin pets for Petunia!

All-knowing Bags.

Gracie is here for her very first visit.

Good to see you back again, Pascal!

Yuki is very attached to her basket this visit. 

That's a good spot for you!

Intrepid Ella.

You stretch it out, girl!

Monroe found the highest perch in the room and that's where he wants to be!

Magnificent Ella.

Ivy is starting to warm up to the place!

She's got a little grey nose to match her fur.


Sweetest Hana.

Only Chloe's tail made it to the photo shoot today...

Jinx springs to attention.  

Picture-perfect Greyson.  

Back for yet another visit, Blaire?

Lounging Petunia.

Tiberious peeks his head out of his cabin to see what's going on.

Ollie has been all over the place today.

He loves to explore!

howsit goin', Jinx?   

Moose is the handsomest of cats.

Captivativing Petunia.

Tiberious says thank you for the fresh water!

Jinx is a lounge act. 

Ollie, baby!

Meet Agatha with eyes like dinner plates.

Ista only hangs out in baskets, unlike her buddy, Tiberious.

Chirpy birds, Fern and Leo.

Peep!  Peep!

You guys are keeping eachother in good company!

Outgoing Blaire.

Bella just arrived moments ago.  

Geno pops out to say hello!

Have a great day!

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