Thursday, October 10, 2019

October 10th

Kitties are getting ready for the holiday weekend!

The ever-alert Kevin.  

Beesley and Cooper enjoy camping out in their carrier together.  

Too much cuteness outta these guys!  


Nina is proud to say this is her condo.  


He's my snoogie-woogie-doodle-boy!    

Friendly Oliver pops his head out to say hello.  

Chloe is always so receptive to a pet on the face.  

Here comes Lucki! 

Bazbeaux, buddy!  

Millie just arrived moments ago.  

Dolly just got dropped off and is not quite ready for her photo being taken.  .


Simon watches the world go by from the catio.  

Sunny days for Simon.

Mavis is picture-perfect!  

Many photos have been taken of Raleigh on his favorite shelf over the years.

Darling Data.

Korra sure is a nice cat!   

Oliver is such a sweetie!  

Pudge was discovered hanging out in the closet.  

Welcome back, L.E.!

Saoirse Queen of Shadows.

Smokey is the class clown around here.  

Thanks for looking!

Your blog host,


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