Wednesday, October 23, 2019

October 23rd

Greyson is ready for his close-up!  

Selfie time!  

Remi has really warmed up to us!  

What a pink nose! 

Playful Pepper.

Looking good, Stewart!

If you're searching for Julian, check the catio first!

Stewart does a once-around the perimeter.  

Welcome newcomer, Watson!

And his brother, Sherlock!


Riley would like nothing more than take a nap next to his good friend, Apollo.

These two are a pair. 

Basket baby, Abigail.

Mavis covers her nose when she sleeps. 

Such a pretty girl.

Pepper blends in with the halloween decorations. 

Simon, proud and tall.

Mr. Blue rushes in for a photo op.  

That darling face!


Maxwell, king of the wild!  

Mr. Blue!

Stewart tired himself out running around the catio.

Ivy cozies up in her basket. 

One more for Mr. Blue. 

Wise and all-knowing Julien.

Tana just arrived for another visit. 

Great to see you again, Kashi!

Where's Cora? 

Cora was eager to explore this morning but is now back on her shelf.    

Have a great day!

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