Monday, October 21, 2019

October 21st

We have lucky to have to many new comers (and familiar faces) with us this week!

Ron is a playful guy!

Charlie says, "Welcome to my condo!"

Kemba with the dark on his nose.

Elsie is happy to see us!

Abigail looks cozy in her fur coat.

Greyson so relaxed.


Tula has the fluffiest toes and Mew is jealous. 

Gentlemanlike Maxwell.  

Simon is a real fixture around here!

Ron loves to explore the catio.

Harry couldn't wait to get out to the catio this morning.  

He's drawn to the outdoors.  

Ron again!

Mew is a cutie!

Ron is so photogenic!  

Mew on the move!

Cora looks good in plaid. 

How cute is newcomer, Stewart.  

Ivy looks cozy in her basket.  

Ron, again?!

Nice to meet you, Remi!

Guess who.  

Darling Mavis.  

Remi is a baby doll!  

Mr. Blue enjoys the view from his window spot. 

Pepper so SWEET!

Apollo is just the nicest guy. 


Riley and Apollo hanging out again.

Zolo hanging out on a window spot.  

Ron says, "Have a great day!"

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