Friday, October 18, 2019

October 18th 2019

Mew says, "HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

Contemplative Purr-C.

Luna is SO beautimous!  

Charlie found a nice quiet spot in the bookshelf. 

Kemba just relaxing in his condo.

Great to see you again, Elsie!

Apollo is a sweet one!

Why hello there, Smokey!

Will you flop for me??

Riley gravitates towards the highest places in the room.

The Marvelous Miss Nina!

Greyson is happy to hang out in front of the heater. 

Charlie and Kemba are best friends.

Sophisticated Simon.

Elsie gets silly when the camera comes out.

Hobbes' fur is on fire!  

Abigail is here for her first stay and she is a cutie for sure!


Dommy had a very similar photo in the last blog post.  This must be his favorite hang out spot.

Luna and Purr-C at it again.

Always with the snuggling!

Such a sweet girl!

Curious Mew.

He has an inquisitive mind.

Notch checks out all the commotion in the catio.

Tula is as fluffy as they come.


Dommy so darling in his basket. 

Notch is such a nice guy!

Dommy daringly explores the catio shelves.

Tula on parade!

Millie says, "Make it a great day, everyone!"

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