Thursday, October 3, 2019

October 3rd

What an outstanding bunch of cats we have the pleasure of hanging out with today!


Trying out a new condo, Simon?

The Marvelous Mushu!

He loves his condo too!

Our favorite space cadet, Spacey!

Mars doesn't mind sharing her basket with her new buddy, Kemba.


Great to see you again, Roscoe!

Chloe says, "HEEEY GIRL!"

Roscoe, baby-cakes!

Panther beckons for a belly rubbing.  

High five!

Fin is always ready for a portrait.

Lovely Chloe.

Kevin warmed up exteptionally fast on his first stay.

Oreo loves the outdoors.


Spacey does a quick patrol around the perimeter.

Charlie is being a love dove today.

Q-Tip couldn't be more at home in her window box.

Emma adores her scratching pad.

Flirtatious Charlie.

Kemba back in his own basket again.

Ready for your close up, Nyla?  

Mars pops out to say hello.

Inquisitive Emma.

Always such a sweetie!

Delectable Data.

Spacey again!  She follows the camera wherever it goes.

That Panther has a BIG personality.

Charming Mister Mac.

Oliver appreciates a nice, quiet spot.

Sweetest girl Korra.

Have a great day!

Your blog host,


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