Thursday, February 13, 2020

February 13

Kitty love is here at All My Kitties  

 Cooper and Frances arrived today.   Francis wanted to show me how beautiful his teeth are.  

 Catnap time for Coco.

 Q Tip loves the window cat veranda.

 Shepard doesn't want to leave her carrier but seems to be quite comfortable.

 Jamie and Cercei.  Come out and join the party kitties.

 Beauregaurd is such a gentle girl but she's a little shy at looking straight into the camera.
New boarding kitty Mixy is very comfortable in her home away from home.  We look forward to her many visits in the future too.

 Sassy doesn't come out of her condo much but she loves to watch from her high perch. 

 Hobbes is a watcher of activities too.

 Bell Pepper enjoys roaming the catio.

 Otis is looking pretty adorable in his catio, heated basket.

 Pepper Allen

 Pepper Allen and Bell Pepper.  We have a new Pepper coming in today too so that will be three Peppers. 

 Pepper shows us his scratching skills.

 Peter is doing the stairmasters.  He's such a sweet guy.

Emma loves lap time and chin scratches.  Ahhhhh!

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Happy Valentine's Day!

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